Where was this school?

This wonderful undated photo postcard of a one-room schoolhouse, with the teacher in the center of 17 students, was loaned for scanning by Bob Vredenburgh. His mother was a Shultis, and they had a farm on the Denver Road a mile or so up from Kelly Corners. Bob has several photos of the Pink Street school where the Shultis kids went, but this photo is of a different school. Can anyone identify the location, the teacher, or any of the pupils?

The postcard is addressed to Mr. Judson Haynes, Seager, NY: “Dear Juddie, This is a picture of my school and school house. It was taken one day this fall.” Signed E. E. P.

It looks to be prior to 1910. And are those corn shocks in the field behind the school?!

Unknown school and children

Unknown school and children

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  1. This most likely was the one room schoolhouse bought by a couple from Bklyn/ Queens/ or Long Island. Ironically, I believe they were school teachers. I can remember being in that building, very late 50s into the sixties….( having spent so much of my youth and teens in Denver) it stood on the north east side of the Denver-Vega Rd…( past Ballards home/farm )…only help I can provide….TGH

  2. This actually is owned by my in-laws — We are currently looking for pictures and any info that anyone might have.

  3. I take that back — this is not the school house they own — the one they own in on the corner of sally’s alley and vega mountain road.

    1. Hi Jean, I was up there a few weeks ago and saw an old building on Vega Mtn. Rd. at intersection with Sally’s Ally. The building had lettering on it “Vega Hall 1844”.
      I was curious about it and it’s history and had one heck of a time researching it!
      I assume that the building that I saw was the one you described. Do you know any more
      about it?

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