Redkill memories

I was happy to come across your website and to read about the history of the Middletown area.

For nearly 40 years, my family owned property in “Redkill Valley,” in the town of Roxbury on Red Kill Road. It was purchased from Pete Dezaro, a former dairy farmer whose house and barn were located at the far end of the valley. We spent many of our childhood weekends in the area, and have missed it a lot since my parents sold the property a few years back. The property had the remnants of an apple orchard and fields, but was mostly woods up and over the top of the mountain.

Redkill barn

Redkill barn

We watched a number of barns (and a house or two) succumb to nature on the roads from Fleischmanns to Red Kill over the years. Attached is a photo of one such barn on Little Red Kill Road just past the Bedell Cemetery, heading towards Red Kill Road up on the distant ridge (actually, the small barn on the right is gone now, too).

Earl “Ted” Hoyt III

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