Margaretville Cemetery desecrated, reward offered

Vandals struck the Margaretville Village Cemetery August 6, and toppled a dozen headstones in the oldest part of the cemetery, on the hill beneath the pines. The 3 gates were locked, but whoever did this actually cut through the chain on the upper gate to get in. The State Police are investigating. If you hear anything that could be useful in finding the person(s) responsible and making them pay for the repairs, please contact the Village Office, 586-4418.

The Village is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. Call the Village office, or Mayor Bill Stanton, 586-4375.

Coming on the heels of our wonderful Living History Tour, and completion of the online headstone inventory of this cemetery, this outrageous disrespect is especially discouraging. It is a reminder — stay vigilant of your local burial ground!

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  1. Hey there…Very sad to hear about the desecration of the cemetery. It makes you wonder what is wrong with someone that would do something so senseless…and I mean “without sense” as there is apparent political point to be made, no advantage to anyone except someone craving attention…someone who feels so small or insignificant that they feel a need to show they can do something that others will notice. It’s sad….I feel bad for that person or people. It is easy to be mad at someone like that but I feel sorry for them on further reflection after seeing how someone with a weakness of the mind or psyche like the kid from Colorado, can be so weak and broken that they do pointless things like this or worse.

    Anyway, I just learned that some of my ancestors were in St. Georges Hundred in Middletown in the 1800 Census and I thought I’d check out the history and I came across the historical society. Now that I live in DC I will try to make it up to the area to check it out and respectfully visit the cemeteries in the hope of discovering more information. (yes, I will look online at lists compiled by dedicated volunteers like yourselves but there is something magical, don’t you think, about stumbling upon someone you didn’t know about in person?).


    Dave M.

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