Hey, check out our new wood splitter!


That’s what these young men may have had in mind when they posed for a photo on the Robertson farm in New Kingston with a monumental stack of perfectly proportioned wood in 1922. If anyone can identify these guys, or explain how the wood splitter worked, or how the pieces of firewood could have been so identical, or why they were stacking it in the doorway of a barn, please let us know! Photo courtesy Gary Robertson

2 responses to “Hey, check out our new wood splitter!”

  1. My guess is that the wood is not split at all, but rather being cut with a belt powered saw.
    A saw cut better explains the shape of the wood. All of the irregular edges visible are consistent with being the outside of a log.

  2. Regarding identification – I think the one in the doorway is Walter J. Robertson, 1899 – 1963 (my grandfather). A guess at the other is Kenneth Robertson. I have a 1935-36 era photo of the four brothers at the farm that I am referencing to make these guesses.

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