Share your flood story at festival

Students from Margaretville Central School’s Media Class, and from the Catskill Mountain Christian Academy, will set up shop at the Margaretville Cauliflower Festival Saturday, Sept. 28 to record memories and reflections of the 2011 flood that changed so many lives.

All those who would like to share their experiences during the flood, and their observations of how the community and the region might move forward, are invited to be videotaped for a short film to be developed by the students this year.

Students will be speaking with visitors at the NY Rising Tent, where you can also take a survey about flood recovery, examine maps of the village and offer your ideas for resolving recurring flood damage.

The project is part of the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program which was established to provide additional rebuilding and revitalization assistance to communities severely damaged by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy and Tropical Storm Lee. The Village of Margaretville will be working over the next six months to formulate a plan that could be worth up to $3 million in federal funds to continue its recovery.

The festival runs from 10 to 4 at the Village Park.

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