A wrong righted

Eleven Margaretville Cemetery monuments that were toppled by vandals August 6, 2012 have been righted by the Margaretville Public Works crew. With guidance from experienced cemetery restorer Brian Wheaton, the workers pieced and cemented together the stones of the following people:

Henry Hewitt 1825-82 and wife Mary Walker 1831-1912; Madison Dean 1812-92 and Julia Dimmick Dean 1815-1889; John Carpenter, d. 1882; John Dumond 1812-1877 and Priscilla Hilton Dumond d. 1874; Asa Bellows (illegible), “Our Mima” More, d. 1875, age 6; Flora (illegible) and David Shearer 1825-1903 (Shearer was a Civil War veteran who served in the 127th NY Regiment).

Several generous history lovers and descendants donated approximately $800 to a reward fund to help apprehend the people who did this senseless damage. However, the perpetrators were never arrested, and the donors agreed that the funds should be used to make repairs instead.

Thank you to Henry Friedman, DPW chief for the Village of Margaretville, and the Village Board, for seeing that this desecration was repaired.

Madison and Julia Dimmick Dean's monuments,  before after repairs

Madison and Julia Dimmick Dean’s monuments, before after repairs

Dean repairedd sml

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