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Marilyn Mayes Kaltenborn spoke recently at a Fleischmans history program at Skene Memorial Library. She is the author of  “An Unconventional Childood,” a memoir about growing up in Fleischmanns in the 1950s and ’60s, the daughter of Murray and Bertha Mayes.

With help from Richard Pultz and Ian Cohen, Marilyn came up with this list of businesses that existed in Fleischmanns during the 1950s. How many do YOU remember? Add your comments and memories . . .

Open year-around:

2 toy/candy stores, each with a lunch counter (Gale’s – Max and Shirley Geller, Muller’s – Charles and Luella Muller)

liquor store (Sid Silberstein)

small department store (Glen Haderup)

2 grocery stores (David Solomon and Sam Lipton and at some poin there was an A&P)

2-3 bars (Cat’s Meow, Monahan’s)

Doctor (Abraham Rottkov and Elwin Champlin in very early 1950s)

dentist (William Cohen)

attorney (Gleason Speenburg)

2 drug stores (Phillip Miller and Kaplan’s)

hardware store (Paul Shaver)


post office,

barber shop (Anthony Cerami)

plumbing store (Louis Halpern & Sigmund Halpern),

restaurant (Anthony Cerami)

Kosher butcher (Meyer Dlasnow)

lumber yard (Wadler’s: Herman, Bernard & Arthur Wadler)

concrete and paving company (Sam & Morris Slavin)

paint store (Izzy Sliverman)

insurance agency (Flisser-DeGrof)

4 motels (Meinstein’s Lodge – Julius and Lori Gross, Valkarian Motel – Milton & June Valk, Delaware Court Motel – James & Geraldine Cantwell, and DePitt’s

Motel. The Northland was built in the late 1950s – George Smith

Laundromat (Sollie Darling)

4 garages/gas stations (Meyers’ – Ralph Meyers, Todd’s – Otis & Robert Todd, Lerner’s – Sonny Lerner, and Darling’s – Sollie Darling)

car dealership (Ford dealership – Todd’s)

Summer only (because thousands of tourists came to the area):

a candy store (Milt Hersch)

candy store with some clothing (Jack’s was the name of the store, not sure who operated it)

2-3 more grocery stores (Klein’s, Progressive Market, Canned goods and pickles – Nat Israel)

fish market (Charles Barrett)

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  1. Jack’s had a bar on one side, a soda fountain on the other side with table and chairs in the back where both local and “city” teens hung out. They also sold magazines and candy as well as souvenirs and knickknacks. I don’t recall that they sold clothing during the time I lived in Fleischmanns (I left in late 1960).

    The restaurant and barbershop owned by the Cirami’s were “Margie’s” and “Tony’s, respectively. I was a friend and classmate of their daughter Renee.

    There was also another clothing store called Swartz’s. Also, there was another clothing store open in the summer only and was owned by two Orthodox Jewish sisters.

  2. When I was 15, 16, and 17, my family spent the summers at the Crystal Brook Hotel, a Greek-American hotel located in Fleischmanns. past the elegant Takannasee Hotel on the way to Margaretville.
    The Crystal Brook Hotel was right on the road and there was another building on the grounds that we called the “casino” but it was just an empty building that we (the teenagers) hung out in.
    We were a group of about 12 teenagers and we used to swim in the brook which was across the road from the hotel by the railroad tracks.
    We used to walk to town to have ice cream at Jacks, go bowling at the bowling alley adjoining or behind Jacks, and saw every movie that came to the movie house in July and August.
    We also used to go swimming across the road from the St. R.egis Hotel.
    W hat wonderful times we had!

  3. Anthony (Tony) wife Margie ran the restaurant for whjch it was named My mother Jean Hungerford (Maxim) worked there at one time I still remember the layout of the restaurant even to this day.

    Also cannot forget the Ice Man Cecil Breeze. He use to service all the motels and every weekend I use to go around with him when we came to visit.

  4. I remember Ian Cohen as a little boy. His Mom was very friendly to me, Dottie, I think was her name. His Dad was a Dentist. I worked for Harold Lipton at his restaurant in the summer when in High School from Binghamton. Harold’ mother’s name was Goldie and wife was Evelyn. Elsie Kent was the cook at the restaurant and a nurse in winter at Bell-Air Ski Center. I still hear from her husband , Gordon at Christmas. Armond Israel was a friend whose father had a fish store. I dated Walter Halpern whose father had a store in town, Zeke Halpern. The first year I worked in Fleischmanns, I took care of lettle Harry Soloman whose parents were David and Fay. I remember her father, Mr. Simon from Kingston. I am 81 so can not remember everything. My cousin, George Bloodgood had the Hardware Store in Margaretville and I still hear from his wife Dorothy at Christmas.

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