Message from 1909

margaretvil house 1909, from ebay, unID

This postcard image of a house in Margaretville was sent to Mrs. Laura Fowler in Prattsville by someone who wrote on the front: “Do you recognize these two old friends, J.H.S. and L.H K.? Margaretville, April 18, 1909. I hope you are well. We are well as usual.”
Who are these ladies, and where is this house?

woolheater house, maple st., mvil, 2016

Could it be the Woolheater house on Maple St., Margaretville? Your thoughts?
Thanks to Roger Davis for sharing the postcard.

Feb. 20, 2016: Guess it’s not the Woolheater house! Shirley Elliott, daughter of Doug Kelly, believes the old house to be one that stood on the site of a Main St., Margaretville building her father constructed as an ag and equipment sales store. She provided the name of Jennie Searles (J.S.)which Roger Davis researched and found to have been born in Prattsville in 1858 and died in Kingston in 1949. She lived in Margaretville with Miss Lydia A. (H.?) King at the house on the site of the old Douglas Kelly building, now an apartment house and office of a chiropractor.

The Woolheater house remains of interest — we’ll continue to research it.