Melodrama, Pie Social August 20

Some old fashioned entertainment will be offered by the Historical Society of the Town of Middletown Saturday, Aug. 20 when a troupe of local players presents “Middletown! A Melodrama” at 1 p.m. at the HSM Hall, 778 Cemetery Rd., Margaretville.

The short play, with music, will be followed by a pie social. Admission of $5 includes a generous slice of home-made pie (HSM bakers will make all kinds!), along with coffee, tea or cold beverage.

“Middletown!” is an original comic and campy play, the kind that used to be screened in silent movie houses and vaudeville stages. Written and directed by Marjorie Miller. it features Pat Gonzalez as maiden Daisy Fairbaby; Michael Fairbairn as Rex Hendrickson, pure-hearted farmer; Agnes Laub as Luce Bustle, a dancer at McMurray’s Tavern; Dave Riordan as Snidely Jeepers, villainous landlord, and John Bernhardt as Rev. Doright Huggable, local pastor.

Music will be provided by Monica Liddle.