Melodrama brings campy fun to HSM

The Historical Society of the Town of Middletown will play host to some mid-summer silliness on Wednesday, August 14 at 7 p.m. when “It Happened in Middletown” will be performed by a troupe of local thespians directed by Marge Miller.
The playlet will be staged at the HSM hall, 778 Cemetery Rd., Margaretville, 12455. Admission is by donation.
The cast of the campy melodrama, set in the 1890s, includes Burr Hubbell as Reverend Trueheart Bubble, Katie Rosa and Erin Cure as orphaned sisters Aster and Petunia Fairbaby, Grant Cure as Chesterton Goodblood (known as “Chest” due to his renowned muscularity), and Jim Yaekel as odiferous villain Fred “Fartin” McMartin, tavern owner and well-known distributor of distilled spirits.
In this second original HSM melodrama by the prolific Marvella Mueller, whose script was discovered in a locked vault deep within the bowels of HSM’s archives, Aggie Laub will return as the town floozy, Lips LaRouge, a woman of questionable virtue and an even murkier past.
Kent Brown will provide incidental music. Audience boos, hisses and cheers are expected, all in good fun! Running time (depending on how much the cast hams it up!) is approximately 20 minutes.
For more information on this and other upcoming programs, visit where you can become a member of HSM and donate to the Campaign for a Middletown History Center.