Middletown History Center Project


We are working to develop plans for a spacious and secure building to store and work on our collection of archival materials — photographs, diaries, store ledgers, school records and yearbooks, maps, personal letters, records of civic organizations, memorabilia, advertising items, and so much more.


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Our collection has been safely stored in space generously provided by the Town of Middletown. But we have run out of room at the Town Hall. We need a proper home for this material — a climate-controlled location with storage racks, work counters and appropriate equipment to allow us to preserve, interpret and make these materials available to researchers and the public.
If local history is important to you, if you believe that preserving it for future generations should be a priority, then join us in the effort to SAVE OUR STORIES. Give to the HSM Building Fund! A tax-deductible gift of any amount would be most welcome.

A contribution of $1,000 or more from you as an individual, a couple or as a family will secure a place of honor within the exclusive Legacy Circle. Please call 845-586-4973 or email for more information

We are indebted to Nicholas J. Juried for major support of this mission, and to many other generous donors who want to see our history preserved. Thank you!