HSM maintains a small but growing collection of historical items related to the Town of Middletown. We also have some materials from contiguous areas of the Towns of Hardenburgh, Andes, Roxbury, Bovina, and Shandaken.

Farm diaries and hotel ledgers, glass plate negatives and school yearbooks, cauliflower crates and store records, even a World War I uniform worn by a Halcottsville man — bits and pieces of our collective past have been given to us by current and former residents anxious to see them preserved.

Our collection is safely stored in the records room of the Middletown Town Hall. It is not accessible to the public but we are raising funds to establish a proper archives, grow the collection, and share and interpret these treasured items for generations to come.

If you would like to help with the task of organizing and preserving these historic materials, contact us at