Self-Guided Margaretville Walking Tour

View and download the self-guided Margaretville Walking Tour brochure, published in 2007 and reprinted in 2009. Enjoy a one-mile stroll around the village accompanied by this mapped guide with brief histories of 44 buildings and sites.

The Bridge

The Bridge

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In a Blaze of Glory

There’s nothing like a gigantic fire – especially one half way up a mountainside — to bring out the gawkers.

When the Briarcliff Lodge on Margaretville Mountain went up flames in January, 1927, the Catskill Mountain News reported that “The whole valley to the north and east (was) brilliantly lighted, and cars gathered from miles before the ruined building had burned itself out.”

It was a pretty spectacular structure, to be sure. Built around 1908 by Mary MacKrell who purchased the property on what is now Swart Road from Augustus Albers in 1906, it was intended as a sanitarium but that apparently did not materialize. . . .”